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Securing The Legacy Of Your Family for All Future Generations.

My work is close to my heart. 

My stepdad suffered an injury, which put him into a coma. When he awoke, he was incapacitated. He could barely speak a straight sentence; he could not walk, dress himself or feed himself.

My mother took a year off work to rehabilitate him. Seeing how fragile humans are was not the only horrifying part. It was seeing someone you love, once a very strong and capable person, to having to learn how to walk again in a split second. Everything that man had accomplished in his life was put on hold. A year later, he had a heart attack and passed in my mother's arms in the hospital. 

My mother was like a ghost for two years after his death. No amount of money can determine his worth to our family but insurance money would have helped to get through these events. 

I now live my life with purpose every day because I know I could be gone tomorrow. I do the things that I love and am grateful for my time. I live on an acreage and enjoy spending time with my family, my dogs, horses and goats. 


RRC (Registered Retirement Consultant), 2018

Specializing in:

Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance
Tax and Estate Planning
Wealth Accumulation

And more! 

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