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"We met Jenni through a referral. My husband and I had suffered the sudden loss of his brother earlier in the year and it got us thinking…did we have enough to leave if it suddenly happened to us?

Jenni came to our house and answered our questions. She also looked over a policy my husband had through work and explained what that all entailed, which we never even really had looked at it let alone understood it until then. We discussed what exactly we needed and Jenni helped us with our plan. 
The whole process went smoothly and when Jenni contacted us to say everything was ready, she came again to our house on two separate occasions for us to sign our contracts. 
Both my husband and I highly recommend Jenni if you are looking to get life insurance. She made the process so easy and she has a wonderful and friendly personality!

Melissa and Derek

We always recommend that our mortgage clients receive advice from a qualified insurance agent, not just buy the bank's insurance policy. We trust Jenni to provide this service and she has proven time and time again that she knows her stuff and is dedicated to ensuring her clients' financial futures are secure. She works around their schedules, does house calls and is very well spoken. 


Whether you're a young adult who is just getting started on your own, or are planning your retirement - Jenni can help you navigate the myriad of products, plans and financial services and point you in the right direction. 


We appreciate her dedication & passion for her craft and highly recommend her to anyone looking for insurance advice.

Cynthia from the Balance Mortgages Team

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Jenni is fantastic!

We have decided to review our insurance policies and she found the best options at the lowest costs to cover all our insurance needs. 


She is very friendly and always tries to offer several options to choose from.

Another thing we highly appreciate: she responds to our messages/calls in the shortest possible time.

Highly recommend her who is thinking of getting new policies or just to review the existing ones.


Jenni provided individual, personal options that fit my budget while ensuring I was covered for those unforeseen circumstances. She did all this while being professional, trustworthy and from the comforts of my home. 


Most definitely would recommend Sustrate Strategies for all your personal insurance requirements!


I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for Jenni and all her hard work and knowledge. During a tough time in my life, she took the time to discuss and review all my options for myself and my son to ensure we’re protected in the event of a critical/catastrophic moment in our lives. 


I’d highly recommend Jenni to any individual or family.


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Jenni gave us practical, sound advice and listened to my husband's multiple questions of improbable events, found answers to the questions she didn't have answers to, and met us where we were when we needed her to.

She kept us in the loop throughout the whole process, explained what we didn't understand, and we have the assurance we are completely covered when and where we need to be.


Jenni is so easy to deal with, informative, knowledgeable and genuine. Highly recommend.


My husband and I loved working with Jenni. He's had difficulty getting life insurance the last 10 + years. I heard Jenni say that she was able to get insurance for people who have been told they are un-insurable so I contacted her. She made it so easy....and yes she got him coverage! Jenni is very knowledgeable and took the time to inform us of everything we needed to know. I would highly recommend Jenni Sustrate to anyone, her honesty and integrity make her a real pleasure to work with!


The time and effort that is put into each and every single individual is custom to your life, better suiting you.


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Jenni is truly a gem! I have the deepest gratitude for her. I met Jenni through a networking meeting and was struck by her knowledge and unscripted approach which was warm, witty and intelligent. As a single mother and owner of a home based massage and essential oil business, I am entirely responsible for all aspects of my health and finances. Jenni met me at my convenience and assisted me to get affordable insurance plans.


I now pay less for more life insurance than I did with my bank mortgage provider and also now have disability coverage. With my new health plan I can go for considerably more massage, acupuncture, chiropractor and other natural health treatments which assist my body to keep in great health.


Jenni in amazing and I highly recommend her. She knows the plans and companies inside and out and will get you the best insurance at the best price and make sure you understand it all. And its apparent she has a big heart. Thanks you Jenni


Jenni worked with my husband and I for our personal insurance needs and was and continues to be fantastic! As this is a challenging topic, Jenni was patient and walked us though all of our options and gave us time to make decisions without any pressure what so ever. I highly recommend Sustrate Strategies!


Jenni is amazing! She is knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and is great at what she does. I particularly like the fact that she was able to explain things that I was unsure of in Terms that made sense to me. She is super responsive and anytime I have had questions I can count on her answering me right back with everything I need to know.


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Jenni assisted my husband and I to set up multiple plans to ensure we had efficient coverage from long term disability, critical illness and life insurance plans. After I had my first baby, Jenni came to our home one evening and discussed all the options and helped us pick the best plans for our needs. She even found plans to set my children up while they are young so they have their own insurance as they get older. She’s also made a home visit again to add my second child and assisted me with my third child via telephone as we were unable to meet.


She consistently follows up each year, making sure the coverage we have still fits our needs. She is very flexible and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone and everyone to contact Jenni to start your legacy planning now!



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Jenni is one of the most helpful planners I have met. She consistently went the extra mile to help me plan the best options for my future and that of my family. I had sooo many questions and Jenni always provided me with accurate and timely responses - always professional and friendly.

I really recommend Jenni for her professionalism, wealth of knowledge, and dedication to great customer service. 

Thank you so much Jenni, because of your help, I have greater peace of mind for the future. 


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