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Life Insurance

This can be done in a term or a permanent solution. This is important to cover debt, replace income and/or to top up kids' education, retirement plans or to a charity.

Life Insurance for Children

Life insurance for children available to guarantee insurability in case they develop something as a child that makes them uninsurable. 

Critical Illness Insurance

This can be done in a term or permanent solution. Permanent solutions can have the options of money back. This is used to replace income, pay off debt and pay for unexpected expenses in the event of an illness. 

Critical Illness Insurance for Children

This is used to replace your missed income while you need to take time off of work if you child develops an illness. Also option for money back.

Disability Insurance 

This will replace monthly income to maintain current lifestyle and pay bills while you cannot work. 

Long Term Care Insurance 

This will pay for facility or at home care needs.

Individual or Family Benefits

This includes dental, prescription, vision and therapist coverage for those that do not have this option through work. 

Travel Insurance

Make sure you are covered when you travel. 


Business Overhead Expense

If you own a business and you become disabled, the Business Overhead Expense will pay for certain expenditures that your business occurs. This includes things like lease payments, loan payments, etc. This helps keep the business going while you recover from the disability and doesn't take more money than needed out of the company account or your personal account. 



Non-Registered Investments

RRSP Loans

Investment Loans



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