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  • Jenni Sustrate

You've Been Declined Before? No Problem!

Now, some of you are probably thinking what?! I was told I couldn’t get insurance because of so and so.

I’m here to tell you that there is a chance you may be able to get insurance yet!

I have helped many people get insurance that were declined in the past. I’m talking people with diabetes, high blood pressure and past history of heart attack, stroke and cancer! The list goes on. It all depends on what health condition it is, how long ago you were diagnosed and how you are doing now.

There are companies out there that will give you guaranteed insurance with no medical underwriting. Some companies, will have you answer some questions to qualify for it.

So, please don’t give up.

Just because one insurance company said you were declined it does not mean that you cannot have insurance at all. Check with your broker to see if they are able to match you with the right provider for you.

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