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  • Jenni Sustrate

I am a Mother - Her Story

"I am a mother of two wonderful teenage daughters and so grateful to have insurance coverage. In 2009 when our girls were four and seven, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though surgery, radiation and chemotherapy were covered by Alberta Health, there were many prescriptions on top to take to counter side affects that were not covered, to which my employers insurance paid in full. This saved us a huge amount of stress so that we could concentrate of fighting cancer and keeping things normal for the girls instead of worrying about finances. 

Then, Christmas 2016 bought the news that it came back again, and it was again surgeries and treatment - and the newest and best treatment option that was approved in Canada was not funded by Alberta Health until June 2018. This drug was almost $8,000 for 21 pills and was 21 days on and 7 off so basically $8,000 per month. So many people did not have the funding, but within weeks my insurance immediately approved 100% coverage. It has kept things stable for two years now with minimal side effects. Not only did my insurance pay for the drugs, but they covered special bras to wear after surgery and so many things that I didn't even realize would be covered with insurance that they suggested I look into. 

Not having our finances wiped out by medical expenses meant my husband and I have taken our girls on wonderful vacations every year and done so many things throughout the years that have made wonderful memories for our girls. Hopefully all will be well for many years but I can't stress the importance of having insurance coverage. I wish I had also purchased critical illness insurance when I was younger and healthy but overall I am still so thankful for the financial help provided with the coverage I have."



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