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  • Jenni Sustrate

He had a home. He had a pension. He couldn’t afford to eat.

Do you know how much you need to have saved in order to retire? Have you ever thought of that?

I heard on the radio last year that there was this older gentleman that was retired and living off of his Canada pensions only. He didn’t have anything else saved up. I believe he said he received about $900 a month from these pensions and that was enough to pay his rent. He then proceeded to say that he has to pick bottles every day in order to have the money to eat! EVERYDAY! Even in the winter….

This blew my mind! I literally couldn’t breathe when I heard him say that. I was so stunned that it took a moment for me to grasp the concept of what his life is like.

He had a home, he had a pension but he couldn’t afford to eat.

This is a big wake up call to start getting serious about putting money away for retirement. We are living longer, costs of living are increasing and our pensions are just not enough to cut it. We need to supplement our pensions with our savings. This is not a new concept, however, I think most people are waiting too long to save.

The best thing you can do for yourself is start today and make it count.

If you’d like help getting started with your retirement plan you can book an appt with me online at my website at



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