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Are You Paying Too Much for Your Insurance?

Reason #154,876 of why I love being a broker! Being a broker means that I can access all sorts of different companies and with that means I can shop around for you. If you feel that you are paying too much for your insurance, I can always have a look at your current policy and compare it with today’s rates. The interesting thing is insurance doesn’t always go up! I have seen some term 10 policies become cheaper in one decade than in the past decade.

Now, I don’t recommend to be changing your policy every couple years to get a cheaper rate. That’s not what insurance is about. It’s about protecting you and your family if anything should happen. Also, every time you have to reapply we have to recheck your health.

However, I do believe in paying a good price for a good product and if I can save you some money then perhaps we can reallocate those dollars on some critical illness, disability or savings in your TFSA’s. I strongly disagree with paying a huge price for life insurance and not having any critical illness or disability coverage. 

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