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  • Jenni Sustrate

Are You Just A Transaction Or Are You A Valued Client?

Have you ever felt like someone was just trying to sell you on their most recent product just to get you in as a customer? Don’t let that happen with your insurance!

When you are assessing your life insurance and you tell your advisor "Oh, we just need 250K", and your advisor “fills” your order - did you know that you are really missing out on a lot of education? Did you know that this missed education could potentially be harmful to yourself and your family? This missed education comes in the form of your advisor not asking you any questions.

When assessing your life insurance, one should make sure that all of the debts are covered, the final expenses and funerals are covered, any capital tax gains obligations, income replacement, charity, kids’ education, spouse’s retirement top up and split up of the estate in insurance vs physical assets. These conversations are so valuable and worth the time so that you can make sure your estate is handled with finesse and ease.

When considering life insurance, one should also consider if they have a need for disability, critical illness, investments, insurance and investments for their children and the need for a will. If you are just a transaction to your advisor, they will likely never educate you on these matters. If you are a valued client to your advisor you will have had these conversations and now really understand which insurance is valuable to you and how that insurance can enhance your short and long-term goals.

Insurance is a vehicle towards a safety net. How secure that net is depends on the conversations you have with your advisor and the knowledge that they carry.

Choose to be a valued client!

Book yourself an appointment with me here, I'd be happy to chat and show you the difference!



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